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Survivor Season 33 2016 Spoilers: Gen X Eliminated First!

Survivor Season 33 comes with a new theme that’s sure to get fans excited to pick sides. This year’s castaways will be divided into two groups: the Millennials (those born between 1980s through 2000) and Gen X-ers (born in between the early 1960s through the early 1980s.).

The 90 minute premiere episode airs on Wednesday September 21 on CBS and CBS All Access, notes CBS. It will introduce the two tribes — Vanua Tribe (Millennials) and Takali Tribe (Gen X).

Within the Vanua Tribe are Justin “Jay” Starrett, Michaela Bradshaw, Adam Klein, Jessica “Figgy” Figueroa, Michelle Schubert, Will Wahl, Hannah Shapiro, Taylor Lee Stocker, Mari Takahashi, and Zeke Smith.

Part of the Takali Tribe are Lucy Huang, Ken McNickle, Chris Hammons, Jessica Lewis, Rachel Ako, Ciandre “CeCe” Taylor, David Wright, Paul Wachter, Sunday Burquest, and Bret LaBelle.

Who’s Going to be First Blood on Survivor Season 33?

According to Gold Derby, Gen X-ers have a higher probability of getting first elimination based on its readers’ predictions.

“Based on preliminary racetrack odds derived from our readers’ predictions, Sunday Burquest is expected to be voted out first with leading 23/10 odds. In second place to be ousted is Paul Wachter (4/1 odds), followed by Rachel Ako in third (11/2 odds), Jessica Lewis in fourth (11/1 odds) and Lucy Huang in fifth (14/1 odds).”

Comparing Generations: Millennial vs Generation X

The site speculates that age might be a factor on why its readers feel that the older generation is going to be eliminated first.

However, if you wish to make your own predictions for the upcoming season while waiting for the premiere, here are some useful information about the differences between the two generations, from the West Midland Family Center:

  1. Influences – With Generation X, the most common influences are the more social issues such as energy crisis, increase in divorce rates, activism and the end of the Cold War which made the generation more self-sustaining and responsible. While, for the Millennial, issues that influenced them were more terrorist attacks oriented. Another influence was social media. The latter grew up being more sheltered but at the same time, busier with kids even having their own schedules.
  2. Values and Attributes – As much as the Gen X-ers are self-sustaining, they are also more practical and value things like work and life balance, job stability and growth, independence, ethics, with a certain rebellious cynicism against authorities. On the other hand, Millennials grew up to be more diverse, fun, social, competitive, tech savvy, streets smart, ambitious but lacks focus, self-absorbed and are generally used to a faster pace in life.

Though these generations are distinctly wired because of the very different influences of their time, both are still highly capable and have strong points that could spell out for them victory. So, at the end, it all boils down to who does the best and maybe who’s side the odds will favor.

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