NBA 2K17 MyGM Cheat Codes: 15 Player with Highest Ratings You Should Sign


13. Paul George – 89 Overall

14. Kyrie Irving – 89 Overall

15. LaMarcus Aldridge – 88 Overall

NBA 2K17 My Career isn’t the only game mode worth playing in the newest 2K installment. With a ton of new features, gamers might want to explore playing MyGM and other modes too. To help fans out with their first try at MyGM, here are a few NBA 2K17 cheat codes and tips.

NBA 2K17 is definitely one of the most awaited titles of the year. With a special day named after the game (#2KDay), the release date definitely felt like a holiday for fans. And while most are still waiting for NBA 2K17 locker codes and Free VC to be released, there are some parts of the game that need no add-ons. MyGM is definitely one of them.

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NBA 2K17 MyGM is a single player mode that allows gamers to be an NBA General Manager. They handle all the logistics of the team — from finances, to player trades and signings, to coaching staff and even ticket prices. Gamers have full control of the entire franchise.

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One most interesting parts of the gameplay is, of course, trading and signing players. Trying to sign LeBron James with Golden State or trading Steph Curry for Chris Paul makes any fantasy basketball dreams come true.

Since signing and trading are key to the whole MyGM experience, we took the liberty of listing down the top 10 players you should sign to have a shot at the Larry O’Brien trophy. This should serve as NBA 2K17 cheat codes to bag that championship.

NBA 2K17 Players with Highest Ratings

1.LeBron James – 96 Overall

No is surprised to see LBJ taking the top spot on this list.

2. Steph Curry – 94 Overall

Many are actually wondering why the reigning MVP is two points lower than King James. Nonetheless, he is the second highest rated player on NBA 2K17. 

3. Kevin Durant – 93 Overall

KD in the Bay area. ‘Nuf said.

4. Kawhi Leonard – 93 Overall

If you want a team that doesn’t let the opponents score, sign Kawhi.

5. Russell Westbrook – 93 Overall

Rus will probably do better in your team than in Oklahoma.

6. Chris Paul – 91 Overall

7. DeMarcus Cousins – 90 Overall

8. Klay Thompson – 90 Overall

9. James Harden – 90 Overall

10. Draymond Green – 90 Overall

11. Anthony Davis – 90 Overall

12. Damian Lillard – 89 Overall



13. Paul George – 89 Overall

14. Kyrie Irving – 89 Overall

15. LaMarcus Aldridge – 88 Overall


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