Mafia 3 PS4 Gameplay: DLC, New Weapons, Story Expansion Details

Gamers are probably counting down the days ’til Mafia 3 PS4 hits shelves. And while a lot has been revealed about the video game, there are still more in store for fans. Here’s a lowdown on what to expect from the third installment of the 2K Games title.

Mafia 3 release date is set on October 7, and while fans still have a few weeks left to wait — the wait is worth it. Hangar 13 has released a new video that details what gamers will be getting after the release. Post-launch content has been one of the most awaited parts of any video game, and game developers aren’t holding back for this title. Mafia III DLC, story expansion, free items and more are in-store after purchase.

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According to Hangar 13 Studio Lead and Creative Director, Haden Blackman, aside from paid DLCs, Mafia 3 PS4 will also have free downloadable content. He also confirmed that most of the post-release content came from feedback and ideas of the Mafia community. Some were not part of the initial plan, but were added after much clamor from the gamers.

“We have regular recurring updates that everyone will get for free, including new car races. You’ll be able to race around the city,” Blackman revealed. He also noted that the types of races will depend on the vehicle being used. Special rewards will also be offered.

Vehicle customization has also been improved in this new installment.  This allows “players to have more choice about how their vehicles look.”

Blackman also revealed three expansion stories that will surely make fans want to download them now. The Mafia 3 DLC is a paid feature and will be part of the Mafia season pass. However, the devs made sure each one will be worth every penny.

“The idea behind is we want each one to feel very different. Different even from the main game.”

Mafia 3 New Character, Outfits & Weapons

Aside from the Mafia 3 PS4 DLC and post-launch content, PlayStation Lifestyle confirms a new set of outfits for the character. The Mafia 3 new character is Vietnam war veteran, Lincoln Clay. Free weapons are also in store for gamers.

“30 days after the game launches, everyone gets the “’Judge, Jury and Executioner’ golden weapons pack,” the site notes.

With all the Mafia 3 PS4 gameplay additions, Hangar 13 and 2K Games’ upcoming release is definitely something to look forward to.


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