‘Destiny: Rise of Iron’ Release Date, Time: DLC Complete Details & Schedule

‘Destiny: Rise of Iron’ Release Date, Time: DLC Complete Details & Schedule

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Destiny: Rise of Iron release is only a few hours away and gamers are probably counting down the minutes ’til they get their hands on the game. If you’re looking for the complete Destiny: Rise of Iron release date and time, then you’ve come to the right place.

After its successful release in 2014, Destiny has released a few post-release content that fans eagerly wait for. Its third gameplay expansion, Rise of Iron, promises new features that gamers will definitely enjoy. From new campaigns to new locations, the expansion confirms why it’s a must-play.

To settle the clamor for the exact release date and time of Destiny: Rise of Iron DLC, here’s a complete launch schedule of Destiny: Rise of Iron PS4 and Xbox One:

  • US West Coast – 2:00am
  • US East Coast – 5:00am
  • UK – 10:00am
  • Western Europe – 11:00am
  • Australia East Coast – 7:00pm

In two days, earn a whole new arsenal of weapons and armor in Rise of Iron.

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Hitting stores tomorrow, Sept 20, Destiny developers Bungie reassured the gaming crowd that their technical support staff will be ready to take calls in case errors occur during download.

“Deploying an expansion to a live piece of software ain’t like dusting crops. Without precise calculations, you could bounce too close to a rogue line of code, and that could end your trip real quick,” the developers confirmed, notes Express UK.

“Thankfully, Destiny Player Support is here to plot a safe course that leads us starside.”

Destiny: Rise of Iron DLC Gameplay Features

The new expansion pack will include a new location called Plaguelands Zone with three new areas — The Plaguelands, Felwinter Peak and the Wall. The DLC will also include a new Campaign mode with new enemies — the Splicers — and new bosses.

“The main campaign consists of 5 Story missions,” IGN noted. Once completed, it will unlock a new cinematic story, new missions and new quests. New cooperative actions and activities are also included in the expansion pack — new Raid, Strike and Crucible modes and maps.

With all these in store, Destiny: Rise of Iron download is definitely something to look forward to. The game drops Sept 20 for PS4 and Xbox One.


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