‘Titanfall 2’ Release Date, Gameplay: Attrition Mode Confirmed! Game Mode Details Here

Titanfall 2 is hitting stores soon and we have the lowdown on the latest gameplay and game modes of the video game. Read on to find out.

After a successful first installment, Electronic Arts (EA) is back with the sequel to its 2014 video game hit. .Titanfall 2 promises to offer all the goodness of the first one plus more. The game will feature an improved single player campaign and an award-winning online multiplayer mode. Plus, in an attempt to entice current Titanfall gamers to purchase the sequel, developers Respawn Entertainment have confirmed a returning game mode. The developers revealed that Attrition mode will be back.

Although not directly confirming the reports, Respawn’s Chief Operating Officer Dusty Welch gave an explanation that almost screams “Yes! The game mode will return!” Attrition is a “team death match” mode wherein players team up with co-players and bots until the lone man is left standing.

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When asked whether Titanfall 2 will have Attrition mode, Welch told PlayStation Lifestyle:

“Interesting question. I would answer this way: The tech test was a very small subset of the game. We’re fans of playing (the original) Titanfall and all of its game modes, and just think people will have to wait to see what we provide next. Is that enough of a hint?”  

The exec, with a grin, also made it clear that they are listening to fans’ requests and consider all these in developing the sequel.

“We’re all ears. I know the right people. I know the right guy. I know a guy and I think he’s listening,” Welch revealed.

The answer clearly hints that Titanfall 2 gameplay will feature the team death match mode. Something Titanfall gamers would love.

Titanfall 2 Online Multiplayer Mode

Gamers will also be excited to know that the video game will feature an all improved Online Multiplayer mode. The video game title has won the Game Critics Awards 2016 for Best Online Multiplayer category, proving that the devs have really worked on improving the sequel.

Titanfall 2 release date is set for Oct 28, 2016 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Since the drop is still more than a month away, you can enjoy the gameplay with the new Titanfall 2 trailer below:


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