WWE 2016: Filipino Joins WWE Raw as New Cruiserweight Champion!

A new Filipino wrestler will be making his name famous in the ring. TJ Perkins is joining WWE Raw after bagging the WWE Cruiserweight Championship at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida on September 14, Wednesday.

TJ Perkins is officially part of the WWE roster after outlasting 32 other wrestlers to win WWE’s newest belt. The 32-year-old wrestler from Los Angeles won against Mexican Gran Metalik via a kneebar. But it was far from an easy win. The fighter of Filipino descent had to endure Metalik’s high-flying acrobatics and his Dorada Screwdriver.

In the end, Perkins’ signature move sealed his victory.

“As Gran Metalik tried to endure the pain, Perkins tightly gripped his foe’s leg for the tap to become the last man standing in the Cruiserweight Classic competition,” Rappler reported.

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Also known as Manik, Perkins will officially join WWE Raw 2016 on Monday night after officially being hailed a WWE champion. He received the Cruiserweight Championship belt from Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events and Creative of WWE, Triple H, after his win.

Fans can expect Perkins to add new flare to the every-growing roster of the World Wrestling Entertainment.

TJ Perkins, Proud Filipino

Joining the banner of Dave Bautista aka Batista, Manik is making everyone know that he is Filipino. Wearing the Philippine Flag banner on his trunks, and waving the flag as he won the WWE Cruiserweight championship.

In his Twitter bio, Perkins makes it clear of his nationality, proclaiming in ALL CAPS that he is “FILIPINO!”

Making a name for himself in the Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wresting ring, Perkins have also dubbed himself as “Pino Boy” in his past wrestling matches.

WWE Raw 2016: Cruiserweight Championship

TJ Perkins will be making his first appearance on Sept 19 at Monday Night Raw and will start defending his title moving forward. He will be the first holder of the Cruiserweight Championship title, as according to WrestleZone, WWE will not merge the history of the title from WCW. reveals that TJ will bring in swagger to the ring, something not much wrestlers have been showing in the past few years.

“His style may be flashy, and he might be a little too cocky for some people’s liking. However, T.J. Perkins can back up his swagger in the squared circle with top-notch technical wrestling,” the site noted.

Fans can expect a whole lot of energy from the new WWE Cruiserweight Championship winner, TJ Perkins.

Watch TJ Perkins WWE 2016 championship match below:

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