Train to Busan 2 Movie: Sequel Said to Cast Lee Min Ho as New Zombie
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Train to Busan 2 Movie: Sequel Said to Cast Lee Min Ho as New Zombie

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With rumors flooding the internet about Train to Busan 2, a sequel to the highly successful zombie film, one can’t help but wonder “Who should be cast for Part 2?”

It does not come as a shock that countries like US and France are discussing the possibility of remaking the hot film, reports CSN. But what fans are more interested to know is who will star in the Train to Busan sequel.

A conversation between director Sang Ho and lead star, Gong Yoo might hinted that Train to Busan 2 may be in the works soon.

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If there is, in fact, going to be a Part 2 for the movie, we think we know who’s perfect for a zombie role!

“Who?” You may ask…

Drumroll, please!

Who else than the flower boy himself, Lee Min Ho!

The 29-year old actor first gained widespread popularity in 2009 from the hit romantic comedy series, Boys Over Flowers — a remake of the Taiwanese drama, Meteor Garden. Lee played the lead role of Gu Jun-Pyo (counterpart of Dao Ming Si).

Since then, the actor has had at least five TV series and two films. The Korean sensation has earned respect and fame worldwide and has won award after award for his compelling acting skills.

He was also named Honorary Ambassador for UNICEF’s Love Net campaign to fight malaria from 2009- 2010, Honorary Prosecutor or basically a PR ambassador for Korean Prosecutor in 2012 and PR ambassador for the Chilean campaign “Reforestemos Patagonia” organized by Minoz Chile in 2013 to name a few.

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If you’re still not convinced that the Korean heartthrob is perfect for Train to Busan 2, here are 3 more reasons why:

  1. He will be the most handsome zombie ever! Imagine being attacked by a 6 foot, lean and slender zombie?
  2. He has mad acting skills that will surely grip any audience. Here’s the list of the awards he won.
  3. With Lee Min Ho, there’s always bound to be some romance in the air.


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