NBA Rumors 2016: Cavaliers Trade Iman Shumpert for Vince Carter After DUI Arrest

Cleveland Cavaliers player, Iman Shumpert, was arrested for DUI last August. With over a month away from the NBA 2016 season, rumors are spreading of a Cavaliers trade for Shumpert with the Grizzlies.

Guard Iman Shumpert was confirmed to have been arrested last August 10 for driving under the influence. The Cleveland Cavaliers revealed that aside from DUI, Shumpert was also in possession of Marijuana in Fayette County, Georgia after police stopped him for a lane violation.

According to TMZ, officers said Shumpert “reeked of weed — and his eyes were bloodshot.” Police searched his car and found a mason jar with weed.

The Cavaliers, nor Shumpert have made any further statement on the incident. However, the NBA team confirmed that they “will monitor the progression of the pending case.”

With his recent run-in with the law, rumors are now spreading that the reigning NBA Champions will be trading the guard.

Iman Shumpert Trade for Vince Carter?

Shumpert recently signed a 4-year, $40 million contract with the Cavs. Now, just months later, rumors are already spreading of a possible trade for Shumpert. Reports hint the Cavaliers trade of the 29-year old guard and the Memphis Grizzlies’ veteran player, Vince Carter.

Shumpert only played two season with Cleveland. “[He] had averaged 5.8 points in 54 games last season and appeared in 21 postseason games for the Cavs,” NBA noted. Critics say that his performance last season was “disappointing” for the Cavaliers. Though the guard was able to score points, he also gets injured quite frequently.

Though some basketball analysts believe Carter is not a good trade due to his age and health, others argue that he will be a great addition to the Cavaliers. He will make a great mentor for the team’s younger players.

As for the Griz, Shumpert can also give the team an upper-hand as another defensive shooting guard besides Tony Allen.

If the trade does pushes through, it can prove beneficial for both teams. But the question for Iman Shumpert still remains: how much does Cavalier value him?

For now, fans can only wait and see how the Shumpert story unfolds.

The NBA 2016 season begins on October 25.

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