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Hillary Clinton Dead: ABC Confirms Death News After Health Scare [WATCH]

In yet another string of death news, US Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was reported dead on live television. A local news reporter made the error on ABC News 7, announcing Hillary Clinton dead. Is this another hoax or just an honest error?

ABC anchor Joe Torres made the blunder on Sunday while reporting about Clinton’s death. The candidate has been having health issues over the past few weeks. She revealed being diagnosed with pneumonia last week, leaving her supporters worried about her health.

But is Hillary Clinton dead?

The reports that followed the verbal snafu of Torres is nothing but an error, and the former first lady is alive and well. Clinton, however, is facing health problems that hamper her campaign just a few months before US elections 2016.

Hillary Clinton Health Scare

The presidential candidate is probably suffering fatigue after months of campaigning. At a recent 9/11 memorial event, Clinton left early after “overheating” and possibly being dehydrated. A video circulating online showed the candidate wobbling on her knees as she tried to enter her van.

An official statement from her camp confirmed the reports, saying Clinton went to her daughter’s apartment after to rest and recuperate. She has taken three days off her schedule to rest since the incident.

According to Dr. Lisa Bardack, Clinton’s personal doctor and the chair of Internal Medicine at CareMount Medical in Mount Kisco, New York, the candidate is suffering from “a small right middle-lobe pneumonia”.

“My overall impression is that Mrs. Clinton has remained healthy and has not developed new medical conditions this year other than a sinus and ear infection and her recently diagnosed pneumonia,” Bardack revealed.

The doctor also confirmed to CNN that she has been regularly evaluating Clinton, and has seen her for “at least” four times this month.

Hillary Clinton is now back to her campaign, attending an event in DC tonight and addressing the Latino community. All Hillary Clinton dead rumors can now die in peace.

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  1. the fun never ends…

  2. sounds to me, Hillary isnt really Hillary..

  3. Too bad! But 8 Nov is still several weeks away. Obama has connections too! Its almost comical! Karma’s a bitch! All that anger and dishonesty through the years…to deplorables and secret service….the goal you’ve had from get go to be first woman prez. Now so close and yet so far away. All the disappearings you were connected to, murders. The internet is fill with 100’s of videos. At the very end you are nothing but a pathetic bag of potatoes…too weak to change your own depends!