Blair Witch 2016 Movie vs Real Blair Witch: Evidence Prove Story is True
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Blair Witch 2016 Movie vs Real Blair Witch: Evidence Prove Story is True

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The horror story that shook the world in 1999 gets a remake with Blair Witch 2016. Though the new movie is fiction, sources confirm that Blair Witch really exists.

Scheduled to premiere today, the Blair Witch Project remake directed by Adam Wingard has to live up to the high expectations set by its predecessor.

The highly controversial 1999 horror film, masked as a documentary, is one of the most memorable films made in recent horror history. It was so controversial that everybody knew what the movie was.

Despite being a low-budget film, revenue from the movie amounted to $248 million, making it the fifth highest earning film ever made. It also paved the way for documentary-style films in the genre.

This year’s Blair Witch movie offers a somewhat similar storyline, with a slightly different twist.

“After discovering a video showing what he believes to be his sister’s experiences in the demonic woods of the Blair Witch, James and a group of friends head to the forest in search of his lost sibling,” shares iMDB.

The Real Blair Witch

The crew of the first installment had many believe the Blair Witch is real. Its director, Eduardo Suarez, even made a fake website for the film. Even the cast’s deaths were faked in order to build up the film’s popularity.

It did, however, confirm that the movie was fictional and the events that happened in the forest were staged. However, some still believe to this day that there really is a Blair Witch.

A website called Bloody Disgusting recently shared on Twitter receiving a package that might just be from the Blair Witch.

Inside the package, “Was a box, a map, the markings of the ‘Blair Witch’ and a clue.”

The clues led them to hidden compartments with a flash drive. The contents of the USB, however, confirms that the package did not come from the Blair Witch, but from a DarkNet666.

Part of the files is a letter asking the recipient to spread the word about “Disturbing events happening in the Black Hills.”

The drive also included articles and clips about the infamous Maryland serial killer, Rustin Parr.

DarkNet666 is bent on proving that the incident in Maryland and Parr is proof that the Blair Witch exists. However, nothing has proven up until now.

While truth behind the real Blair Witch is still a mystery, it cannot be denied that the Blair Witch 2016 movie is a must-watch this year.

Watch the trailer of Blair Witch 2016 below:


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