Masterchef USA 2016 Season 7 Winner Pegged as Shaun O’Neale; Strongest Finalist So Far

Masterchef USA 2016 Season 7 Winner Pegged as Shaun O’Neale; Strongest Finalist So Far

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Masterchef USA 2016 is back tonight and now it’s down to the last three. Who will emerge as the Masterchef USA season 7 winner? Most say it will be the DJ from Las Vegas, Shaun O’Neale.

Shaun has been one of the strongest forces in this season’s competition. He was always either a sure winner in the challenges or part of the winning team. Now that the competition is down to the last three, what has Shaun have that will beat his two other opponents — Brandi Mudd and David Williams?

For one, the 33-year-old has been a favorite among fans. Many are rooting that he bring home the bragging rights of being Masterchef USA 2016.

Previous episodes also revealed that other contestants found him to be the biggest threat of the season. Many even saying he’ll win this year.

Will Shaun be the Masterchef USA Season 7 winner? We will soon find out.

Shaun O’Neale Facts

Shaun was is a professional DJ for 12 years. He is a house DJ for some of the hottest clubs in South Florida, and aims to “spread his intoxicating blend of Electro House, Trance and Progressive.” His website notes that he has his own promotions company/ record label, “EXTATIC Music”, and has hosted several dance music performers in the Tampa Bay area.

He is the only second DJ to perform at Las Vegas Blvd, during one of the biggest New Year’s Eve parties on the planet. Shaun is definitely party animal, but that may all change if wins Masterchef US Season 7.

Brandi Mudd & David Williams Facts

The other two contenders in the Masterchef USA Season 7 Finale, Brandi and David are set to win this year too. A 27-year-old teacher from Kentucky, Brandi is also among the favorites to win this year.

David, on the other hand, is a professional poker player from Las Vegas who aims to make a living in the kitchen if he wins.

Who will be the Masterchef USA 2016 winner? Watch FOX now.


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