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Train to Busan Full Movie: Where to Watch Online & at Cinemas

Interest continues to heighten with more viewers asking where they can watch the critically acclaimed and widely popular Train to Busan full movie.

Now running on its second month, the gripping action-filled movie released last July 22, has not only garnered great reviews but has earned more than $80 million in the global box office.

The story revolves around Sok-woo, played by Coffee Prince star Gong Woo, and his daughter Soo-ahn (Kim Soo-an). The two were boarding the KTX fast train to Busan to visit Soo-ahn’s mother.

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A zombie infestation quickly turned the supposedly peaceful ride to a bloodbath with the killing of passengers and train staff. Sok-woo fights to keep his daughter and himself alive, before arriving to Busan.

IMDb has posted a comprehensive synopsis of the story, cautioning spoiler alert.

Where to Watch the Movie?

Still sustaining high demand, audiences who have not watched the movie are asking where they can watch Train to Busan full movie. Many hoping to watch free online, while others hoping to see it in cinemas.

Fortunately, the movie is still showing in cinemas in some countries. In the US, the movie will still be showing until October in select areas. For Canada fans, last showing schedule is until today.

Here are the screening schedules and locations.

Some countries in Asia, Australia and the UK are still featuring the movie in cinemas. Audiences can check their local cinemas for schedules.

However, it is important to note that screening schedules and locations might now be limited to give way to new movies.

Several sources have also uploaded Train to Busan movie on Facebook, ready for streaming. With persistence and luck, one might be able to find a good, clear copy of the movie online.

For the more patient viewers, waiting for a copy of the Train to Busan full movie online will be the next best thing to do. At the meantime, here is the official trailer of the movie.

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