Train to Busan 2: Movie Sequel May Release in 2017; New Cast Replace Gong Yoo

Train to Busan is racking up positive reviews from fans and critics, with many praising the story of the movie. With such success, fans are now wondering, “with there be a Train to Busan 2 sequel?” Lead actor Gong Yoo reveals the truth.

Getting a 93% Tomatometer from Rotten Tomatoes only proves that this Korean thriller is a must-watch. Train to Busan follows a group of people in their fight to survive a zombie apocalypse while trapped in a train from Seoul to Busan. So far, the 2016 movie has banked over $80 million in the global box office.

With its success, Train to Busan sequel is almost a sure hit for director Sang-ho Yeon. Lead star Gong Yoo also confirmed that he is expecting Train to Busan 2 to hit movie theaters very soon.

“I talked about this with director Yeon Sang-Ho,” Gong revealed in a recent interview, as noted by Yibada.


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As for his character Seok- Woo, (SPOILER ALERT) who died in the movie, Gong thinks he can survive as a zombie in South Korea. However, Director Yeon was quick to turn down such ideas and clearly state that the lead star’s character is already dead.

“I said that I thought my character Seok-Woo might be living somewhere as a zombie, but director Yeon said that when Seok-Woo fell off the train, he broke his neck and died,” the actor revealed. This confirms that should there be a Train to Busan 2 sequel, new characters will be introduced. Fans may not see Seok-Woo in the sequel either.

A remake of the movie is also possible. Variety has confirmed that several producers in Hollywood and France are looking into buying the rights for the film for a remake.

“Although no deal has yet been decided or signed, we’re in talks with major studios and indie production houses in Hollywood and France that are highly interested in remaking the film,” a source told the site.

“As France has its own high-speed train TGV, just like Korea’s KTX where the movie is set, companies in France have been particularly very passionate about remaking the original story.”

While a sequel to Train to Busan 2016 movie is till unsure, a remake in Hollywood is a welcoming news for fans of the movie.

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  1. Thats what im thinking too. Gong yoo must live as a zombie. Even how hard they punch a zombie it live. It must be good if gong yoo will live. I really fall in love with his character and also with this movie. Ive never been inlove with movie before. This is my first time liking a movie so much. We’re looking forward for the next movie. I love it so much..