How to get cheap Hearthstone Cards – Amazon Coins!

How to get cheap Hearthstone Cards – Amazon Coins!

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I’ve got a great little article for you guys and gals today on how to get cheap Hearthstone cards. I was recently put onto the Amazon Appstore where I found out about Amazon Coins. Eye opener! Now for those that don’t know me too well, my wife is an accountant so it has been drilled into me to be frugal where possible and always look for the money saving route. So, I am so happy I’ve found Amazon Coins ( because I love a good bit of Warcraft and I’ve been recently playing Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft and buying some of those lovely packs, adventures and heroes…. just don’t tell the wife!

I’m going to walk you through everything I did to get these lovely money saving advantages for Hearthstone, but first let’s take a look at the advantages. If you check out the image below you will see you can buy Amazon Coins (for Hearthstone and many other titles) in 500, 1000, 2500, 5000, 10000 and 50000 denominations. The more you buy, the greater the discount available. So, as you can see, discounts currently are starting at 4% and go up to 15%! Great Deals to be had; these savings may vary so check back often for the latest discounts.


Waaaaiitt. That’s not all. Those lovely bods over at Amazon also run what they call “Buy Some, Get Some.” In addition to discounts on Amazon Coins which may be used for apps, games and in-app purchases, they also run special promotions via the Amazon Appstore that will give you up to 25% back in Amazon Coins on select in-game purchases. As an example, if there is a 20% Amazon Coins back offer in a game and you buy an item for $19.99 or 1999 Amazon Coins, you would receive $3.99 back in Amazon Coins (399 Coins). Here is a link to all of the games that are currently offering Coins back on in-game purchases:

OK, OK you want to know some more; so let’s get started on what to do! Firstly, if you do have Hearthstone installed already and it’s not from the Amazon Appstore, go ahead and uninstall. Remember, your progress is linked to your account anyway.  Now head over to Amazon Underground and install the Amazon Appstore: 

Get the app by following the instructions. You will need to set up your device to be able to install unknown sources. Don’t worry, that just means those not from Google Play, like this APK.


Once you have the Amazon Appstore installed, find Hearthstone via the Amazon Appstore. Go through all the installation bits and bods – super simple. Just hit install once downloaded.

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For those of you who are new to Hearthstone, you will need to play through the practice rounds before you can get to the shop, but it’s worth it. It’s a good introduction to the game and will get you hooked! Seriously, IT WILL!


Once you have done your practice round or you have connected to your existing account, simply go to the Shop and have a look around. See what takes your fancy. Now, one thing to note here is that the Hearthstone Gold is not the same as Amazon Coins. If you are new to the game that will state zero, but don’t panic, that isn’t your Amazon Coins amount. Proceed as you normally would to buy some cards or adventures or heroes.


I went for a couple of packs of Classics and some Grand Tournament cards. I simply selected the 2 Packs option at £1.99 and went to buy them. Here we can see the value of Amazon Coins in that the packs cost £1.99 but I’ve actually bought Coins at a discounted rate so I am, as they say here in the UK, quids in (means I’ve saved money, done well!). When I now go to buy them I am given the option to spend my non-discounted real money or use my lovely new Amazon Coins.


With the purchase completed I can then set about opening my lovely new cards by coming out of the Shop and going to Open Packs – you can see I have 4 to open. All that leaves is to update my hands from the My Collections option and I’m done. I hope you found the walkthrough interesting and remember save yourself some money and get some Amazon Coins, they are fantastic –




I’ll leave you with a little blurb from Amazon themselves on the Amazon Coins:

Amazon Coins are supported on Android, BlackBerry OS v10.3 devices, and Fire Tablets.

You can buy an Amazon Coins bundle at a discount from the Appstore on your compatible device from the Amazon Appstore for Android on the Amazon website, or from the How do I use coins? link on the detail page of any paid eligible item. For more information, go to Buy Amazon Coins.

You earn promotional Amazon Coins when you purchase selected apps and in-app items. For more information, go to Earn Amazon Coins.

You can spend Coins from your device and from the Appstore on the Amazon website. For more information, go to Redeem Amazon Coins.

To view your current Amazon Coins balance on the Amazon website, go to the Amazon Appstore for Android and sign in to your account. Then, open the detail page of any paid eligible Appstore item. Your Amazon Coins balance displays on the right side of the screen, below the option to “Spend Amazon Coins.”


Kindle Books are not available for purchase using Amazon Coins.

Coins that you can earn on purchases of apps and in-app items are available on a limited-time basis.

Amazon Coins purchasing uses the same parental controls available for other payment methods.


This post was sponsored by Amazon Coins



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