Can you SURVIVE No Man’s Sky’s Latest Trailer

No Man’s Sky arrives in but twelve days. Well, fifteen if you include the rumored (but still unsubstantiated) three-day delay on PC. Today, however, marked the arrival of the fourth and final Pillar trailer. Explore showed us where to go. Fight showed us what to kill. Trade showed us what to collect. Now Survive shows us all the ways in which the galaxy of No Man’s Sky can murder you.

The trailer focuses primarily on environmental hazards, such as radiation and extreme cold and heat, and shows the player crafting protective armor to help withstand those dangers. Who knows – environmental hazards might also play into the game’s economy. I can see planets that are more bountiful in resources having more radiation so that you must craft better protection before delving into them to reap their sweet, sweet benefits.

That’s complete conjecture on my part. There’s also the chance that environmental hazards have absolutely no bearing in that regard. I like the idea though, and it allows the possibility of there being special worlds that are both rich in resources and free of environmental hazards. Those would be rare and you’d feel like you’ve struck gold if you run across one.

There are also a few glimpses of the sentinels that patrol much of the galaxy. Their role is try and prevent the player from mucking things up too much. However, if you do muck things up, you’ll be stricken with a wanted level depending on how badly the mucking is. The sentinels, supposedly, are governed by the Atlas, that big diamond you see in much of No Man’s Sky’s press. It’s evidently a big computer that controls the sentinels. The Atlas’s origin and overall purpose in the game is a mystery to unravel when the game actually comes out.

At the very least, there will be Grand Theft Auto levels of fun. Wreak havoc on a world and then let the sentinels chase you across the galaxy. That’ll provide a nice respite from upgrading your environmental protection in order to farm higher quality resources to craft even better environmental protection so that you can farm even better sources to craft much better environmental protection.

It’s the circle of life in No Man’s Sky.



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