We Happy Few Happily Waltzes into Early Access

We Happy Few Happily Waltzes into Early Access

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We Happy Few is now live on Steam Early Access, Xbox One Game Preview, and GOG Games in Development.

One day maybe the industry will simply adopt one term for these types of games, and probably just accept that Steam did it first, so just call everything that isn’t done early access. But that aside, We Happy Few, in an early state, is now out.

The game made some waves at E3 this year for its apparent narrative chops. Some people even compared it to Bioshock, but don’t expect to have the story spoiled you before the game’s done, because there won’t be any story in We Happy Few until then.

What is available now to everyone is, well, the game. You can fight, explore, die, rinse, and repeat. We Happy Few, story aside, is a survival game. There are islands to escape, but not all of them. It’s alpha, unpolished, and unbalanced. In other words, it’s early access, and don’t expect the game to be finished for six to twelve months.

Most of the interest in We Happy Few came directly from the tone set by the beginning five or so minutes of the game. So some people will definitely be disappointed that that We Happy Few isn’t here yet, and what is there is basically a sandbox survival game, but there’s definitely some fun to be had in exploring the dystopian world created by Compulsion Games, and there’s some merit for holding off on the story until the game is good and done. That’ll give people who buy it now to help support development (or just to check it out) a very good reason to return to the game later. Doing it like that has worked really well for The Long Dark, which has a sandbox people have quite enjoyed and a single player story still waiting in the wings.

Compulsion Games have also said that We Happy Few won’t be discounted at all during the early access phase of development, and that the price (currently $29.99) will increase once the game is out.


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