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Guild Wars 2’s Living World Season 3 Starts Today, And the 50% off Sale Ends Tomorrow

Heart of Thorns came out October of last year, and since then, Guild Wars 2 players have been waiting patiently to find out what happens next. That wait ends today, oh and there’s a huge patch to go along with it.

Out of the Shadows, the first episode of season 3, pits the turtles against one of their most famous adversaries: Krang. Casey Jones also makes an appearance. Oh wait – that’s the other Out of the Shadows. This one follows just after the defeat of Mordremoth (or as I like to call him, Murdermoth). The pact is victorious, and celebrating, and then an old threat emerges.

As was the case with Season 2, episodes of season 3 of the Living World can be unlocked simply by logging into the game, even if you – much like me – haven’t gotten around to finishing the Heart of Thorns story yet (I’m a late bloomer). On a related note, Guild Wars 2 is still 50% off till tomorrow. When episode 2 rolls out in a couple weeks, Out of the Shadows will no longer unlock for free and you’ll be forced to pay gems in order to do so.

The Living World is the huge draw of this update, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg. The patch notes have the full, multi-paged scoop, but the Fractals of the Mists have received the most love this time around. The Swampland and Snowblind Fractals have both been completely revamped for improved pacing and overall enjoyment. Many of the other Fractals have had various tweaks here and there to improve their experience.

Infusions, which Arenanet thought were previously far too obtuse for what they brought to the table, have also seen a revamp focused on simplification. Previously, different types of infusions had to be placed into specific infusion slots. That’s not the case anymore. Put those infusions in whichever slot you want.

Much like every major patch for every major MMO, the vast majority of space has been dedicated to profession balance changes. You can peruse them for your preferred class, or all of them if you’re a crazy person, or you can just read the developer notes for each class to get a good idea for what they were going for.

Structured PvP saw a lot of love, such as the return of the Capricorn map which Arenanet removed over two years ago. World Vs World saw a little love, but there’s a bigger revamp for WvW coming in the future.

And what patch wouldn’t be complete without a swath of quality of life changes. You can now enable health percentages for health bars, recipes unlocked through consumables are now account wide instead of character specific, and you can now right click salvage kits to salvage loot in bulk. That’s a huge one.

That’s a round-up of all the highlights in my eyes, but if you want to see everything, including stuff I omitted, the patch notes are probably where you want to go. Be warned: if you take time to read everything in detail, you might miss out on some important life events.

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