Amber Wizard, and Some Other Goodies, Included for Free in Thursday Total War Warhammer Update

Total War: Warhammer’s 2nd big update is coming on Thursday, bringing with it a bunch of improvements and bug fixes, paid DLC, and best of all, free content for everyone.

Creative Assembly detailed Call of the Beastmen, the paid DLC arriving for Total War: Warhammer, a couple weeks ago, and today they outlined what to expect in terms of free stuff when the update lands in but a few short days.

What can you expect to find in the DLC?

  • A new hero and mount
  • An entirely new AI-controlled Race as opposition
  • New multiplayer features
  • New multiplayer and custom maps
  • Unlockable Lord for MP/Custom battles

The headliner here is easily the new hero and mount, which is probably why Creative Assembly listed it first. This batch of Free-LC, as they call it, gifts the Empire with an Amber Wizard able to sway the minds of animals, granting him powerful abilities like Flock of Doom, which summons up a Murder of Crows to murder your enemies.

As a proverbial druid, the Amber Wizard will be the only unit outside of the Beastmen to be able to use the Lore of Beasts in combat. Going along the with beast theme, Amber Wizards will also get an exclusive mount of their own: the griffon.

As for what Lore of Beasts will bring to the battlefield? Amber magic, for starters, as well as Totemcalling and Shapeshifting. A lot of these will be usable by the Amber Wizard, as well as the Beastmen if you pick up that DLC, and if you choose not to purchase the DLC, then at least you’ll be able to play against Beastmen during the campaign. So you won’t be missing out completely.

Full balance changes for multiplayer are forthcoming, but there are some bigger features to look forward to in Update 2. Players can now customize their Lords and Heroes. That feature is currently in its infancy, but expect Creative Assembly to expand it in the future.

The update also brings to multiplayer some new maps – four that everyone will have access to, and the ones that come included with the Call of the Beastmen, and even if you don’t own the DLC, if you go up against someone who does, there’s a good chance you’ll play on one of the DLC-exclusive maps.

Lastly, if you unlock an achievement in the Grand Campaign, you’ll be able to play as Sarthorael the Everwatcher.

Update 2 lands on Thursday, and if you so want, you can prepurchase the hilariously overpriced Call of the Beastmen DLC now. (Egregious DLC practices continues to be one of the primary nails in Total War’s coffin.)


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