No Man’s Sky: Resources are Bountiful in Trade Trailer

The third of four No Man’s Sky Pillar trailers is now out. This one, Trade, focuses on the economic aspects of the game, and features primarily footage of you as the player shooting inanimate objects to gather resources to then trade. Remarkably, using your laser weaponry for this purpose seems to prove far more entertaining than shooting actual enemies. Who would have thunk it?

I can’t help but ponder wealth after watching the trailer (a couple times). Since there are rare and exotic goods to collect, then by definition, those would be worth a lot of money. If you put the effort into it, could you become the wealthiest player in No Man’s Sky, with the best ship, the best gear, the best everything? As a primarily single player game, would that even matter? Probably not – other than for bragging rights, but depending on how many people buy and subsequently stick around for No Man’s Sky past the first couple hours, those bragging rights might have some merit.

It all comes down to how difficult the best stuff in No Man’s Sky is to attain. We already know that there’s progression in the game. You’ll be upgrading your ship and your gear, and wealth may have absolutely no worth if the top tier of gear in the game can be collected fairly easily. I suppose I might be doing the game a disservice by trying to think about it in MMO terms, but No Man’s Sky definitely seems like the type of game to have a lot of longevity if the systems therein support it. I would hope that Hello Games didn’t go through the effort to create an entire galaxy only for it to become a cosmic ghost town within a matter of weeks.

At least now – unlike three years ago – I actually have a pretty good idea of what the game is, and what you’ll be doing. Most people by this point have enough information to judge whether it’s the type of game they’ll enjoy. Yet I suspect we’ll still be inundated by people who pick up a game primarily focused on exploration and trading and then proclaim how boring it is. For me, disappointment will stem primarily from longevity. I don’t expect to be playing No Man’s Sky in ten years, but I hope that it lasts through to the end of August.

Anything past that is property of the Burning Legion.

Sargeras done branded me good.

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