Necropolis: Developer Planning to Breathe Life into the City of the Dead

Necropolis released earlier this month to quite the mixed swath of reviews. The game wanted to provide an interesting mix of rogue-like and Dark Souls, but what came out was, in a word, a disappointment. Developer Hatebrained Schemes took note of the fact that many people wanted to like the game, even if shortcomings made it hard. So now they’re making a concerted effort to make Necropolis a game that people actually want to play. It’s going to take them a few weeks, though.

Not only does the forum post outline the criticism Necropolis has received, something very few developers are even willing to admit, but it also lays out a rough roadmap of changes coming to the game over the course of the next eight weeks. As the word rough would imply, these updates could take sixteen weeks and not just eight. Hatebrained Schemes is off to a good start, though, the first set of changes are already live, including improvements to the item descriptions.

Bigger changes will follow as time progresses, such as new enemies, weapons, and armor, as well as full loot rebalancing based on player feedback, and the addition of a second playable character, the brute. The brute, as well as a new zone and new enemies to populate it, won’t come until the tail end of Hatebrained Schemes plans.

Eight weeks seems exceedingly optimistic. Some of these additions seem like they would take four months and not simply two. So I wouldn’t be surprised if their rough roadmap really does turn out to be rough, but that aside, Hatebrained Schemes does seem committed to improving the game. Even if it takes six months and not two, Necropolis might very well evolve into the game it should’ve been from the onset.

This also puts a timeframe on the console release of the game as well. I can only assume that Hatebrained Schemes won’t be putting Necropolis out on the PS4 and Xbox One until they have the PC version up to snuff.

In the meantime, you can grab Necropolis on Steam and experience firsthand the improvements to the game. That’s something only modern gaming can provide.



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