Guild Wars 2: Game and Expansion Half Off as Living World Season 3 Approaches

Guild Wars 2: Game and Expansion Half Off as Living World Season 3 Approaches

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For the next week, Guild Wars 2 is 50% off. Not just the base game, though, the whole kit and caboodle, including the expansion, Heart of Thorns. It’s good timing, too, since Season 3 of Guild Wars 2’s Living World is due to begin July 26th, and you have until the 27th to take advantage of the offer. It’s also worth noting that owning Heart of Thorns is required to play Living World season 3.

I’ve always appreciated what Arenanet has been doing with Guild Wars 2. The developer envisioned the game to function similar to a TV show. The game would have an update every two weeks that would add new missions and cutscenes to advance the story. Then after each season, Arenanet would take a break to prepare for the next one. While Season 2 of the Living World began over two years ago, Heart of Thorns moved the story along as well, and it would make sense to get caught up where the Guild Wars 2 story is before season 3 begins in a week.

I was all over Guild Wars 2 during season 1 and 2, and it was primarily because of the Living World. The updates gave you a good reason to log on every couple weeks, but then Season 2 ended, and by the time Heart of Thorns came out, I’d fallen completely off the Guild Wars 2 bandwagon. Now, though, seems like the perfect time to get caught up.

There’s a catch, though, especially for newcomers. Season 1 of the Living World was temporary, and all of the content and updates are now no longer available in game. There are a few summaries floating about if you want to get caught up, though, but other than that, you missed out.

The episodes of Season 2, though, are available in game to be unlocked, but at a cost. Anyone who was playing at the game at the time of each episode’s release, got them for free, but anyone else has to pay gems to unlock the episodes. Of course you can pay money for gems, but you can also trade gold for them as well. So if you want to play the game, earn gold, and then trade the gold for gems, you can buy the episodes that way. Then you’ll know exactly who Mordremoth is and what he’s been up to.

Spoiler: he’s a plant-dragon.


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