The Xbox One S Arrives August 2nd

Amidst the news of a beefier Xbox One coming sometime next holiday season, codenamed Project Scorpio, Microsoft also unveiled the Xbox One S. This slimmer, sleeker version of the traditional Xbox One launches much sooner, and in addition to being generally sexier, the revamped Xbox One also supports High Dynamic Range. Today Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One S release date. How does August 2nd sound?

The video, aside from having an obnoxiously noisy soundtrack, shows that the Xbox One S is a whole 40% slimmer than the launch model, and has the AC adapter on the inside this time around. Microsoft also “shifted one of the three USB ports and the pairing button to the front of the Xbox One S alongside the newly added IR blaster for increased accessibility.”

The Xbox One S also supports the streaming of videos in 4K and with HDR. High Dynamic Range, for the uninitiated, allows greater variety in the levels of luminosity in an image, or video, or video game. Meaning that the darks in an image will be darker, the lights will be lighter, and the eyes (yours) will be happier.

Launching alongside the Xbox One S is a new version of the Xbox One wireless controller, featuring a textured grip, Bluetooth support for Windows 10, a revamped design, and a bunch of internal improvements. Plug a headset directly into the controller and tweak volume settings through the console. In addition to all that, the controller also has some varied color customization options when purchased separately.

As for price, the 2TB Xbox One S will retail for $399, the 1TB will be $349, and the 500GB one is $299. The new controller when purchased separately is $60. All of this rolls out on August 2nd.

Model revisions are an important part of a console’s life cycle, but when everyone knows that Project Scorpio is in the pipeline for a holiday 2017 release, it seems most consumers will likely stick with their old Xbox One until Project Scorpio launches, even if retailers are offering fairly decent trade-in options to bring that price down. And for those who never bothered getting an Xbox One in the first place, I doubt the S model is going to win anyone over.




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