Catch a Glimpse of Telltale’s Batman Game

Telltale has shown off the first glimpse of their episodic Batman adventure. By golly it looks like a Telltale game.

Not that that’s inherently a bad thing, and after steeping oneself in the Arkham Batman games for the past few years, it might actually be nice to play something a bit more focused on being Bruce Wayne just as much as the Batman. It’s not clear what the balance Telltale’s trying to strike, but I wouldn’t mind if they keep the caped crusader parts of the game to a minimum. That’s probably crazy talk, though.

In the trailer we also see glimpses of Catwoman, Harvey Dent (before he became two-face), and Commissioner Gordon, as well as the Falcone crime family, and judging by the design of the Batsuit, it seems like this specific tale in the crime fighter’s story takes place fairly early in his career.

The trailer also itself focuses almost entirely on action. Telltale has said that there will be parts of the game where you put on Batman’s detective cowl. Considering that the Arkham games have already knocked Batman combat out of the ballpark, I don’t think anything Telltale can do with quick time events can even come close, so I’d prefer it if they don’t try – too hard.

I can only assume that Telltale knows all too well how much of a cash cow Batman is and that they’d be silly not to stick their A-team on the game. It’s unfortunate, though, that the engine doesn’t look remarkably different than it has for the past five years, but that’s what we’ve come to expect when it comes to Telltale, though.

The first episode, Realm of Shadows (a delightfully generic title for a Batman episode), releases August 2nd, and a season-pass disc-version of the game launches September 13th.

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