Battleborn, among other Games from 2K, Featured in This Week’s Humble Bundle

You know a game isn’t selling well when it’s included in a Humble Bundle barely two months out from release. Well, maybe now Battleborn will actually have some people playing it. Or so 2K and Gearbox likely hope.

In addition to Battleborn, this week’s Humble 2K Bundle 2 features a swath of games from Publisher 2K, including Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, but both of those games are locked away in the $15 tier. The other tiers have some interesting picks as well, though.

For at least $1, get a copy of The Darkness II, Spec Ops: The Line, and Duke Nukem Forever. Two of those games are really really good. Duke Nukem Forever probably shouldn’t exist, but it does, and sometimes that’s enough. It’s a interesting – piece – at the very least. There’s also a coupon for 40% off Xcom 2 buried away if you buy the bundle.

The Darkness II is great, though, and puts on display a certain developer before they struck it big with Warframe, Digital Extremes. Though the original Darkness was made by Starbreeze (of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay fame), DE took up the mantle, and made something different yet still quite good. It’s not the longest game with the most replay value, but for $1, it’s a super-steal.

Spec Ops: The Line, much like The Darkness II, is a game from a franchise that wasn’t made by the original developers. Zombie Studios (Blacklight: Tango Down and Blacklight Retribution) cut their teeth with Spec Ops games. Then after most people assumed the franchise was kaput, Yager came in and put their own spin on the series. The Line is basically Spec Ops in name only, and ends up being damn awesome in the process. It starts off as your typical (and quite mundane shooter) but in the end it goes some really interesting (and dark) places.

Then for beating the current average of $6.67, a few more 2K games get tossed into the bundle: Civilization V, NBA 2K16, Mafia II: Digital Deluxe Edition, and a Battleborn Skins Pack. There are a few more games coming next week, too.

Civilization V is easily the best pick out of the tier, but the only catch is that it doesn’t seem to come with the two expansions that the game’s received. Maybe those will be added next week, but I wouldn’t count on it. At least owning Civilization V on Steam will let you buy the expansions for cheap through a bundle.

Add another $8 and change, and ascend to the lauded $15 tier. The bundle might boost Battleborn’s player base for a bit, but it seems unlikely that it’ll stay at that amount for too long.

Borderlands: The Presequel isn’t a horrible game, but it doesn’t exactly bring anything new to the table after Borderlands 2. So if you suck hundreds of hours into that game, chances are this one will just taste a bit stale by comparison.

The Humble 2K Bundle 2 is interesting mostly because Battleborn is included. It’s another interesting tale in that game’s story. It’s hard to say if it’s even worth $15 at this point, even with all the other games included in the bundle. The game, regardless of how good or bad it was, just came out at perhaps the worst possible time, and now here it is in a Humble Bundle.


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