Eyedol Returns to Killer Instinct on July 22nd

Iron Galaxy slipped the reveal of a new Killer Instinct character into EVO this year. Well, the character isn’t new so much as returning. He was originally the final boss in the 1994 version of the game, and now Eyedol has returned… more or less.

I think he might’ve suffered some brain damage, to say the least. Iron Galaxy has gone some interesting directions with the design of the character. Instead of being a two-headed ogre, Eyedol is now a one-headed ogre with a split in two. I like the change; it’s an interesting riff on a fantasy classic, and it’s gruesome to boot, and who doesn’t love a bit of gruesome now and again. I know I do.

Eyedol will be the final character in season 3 of Killer Instinct. Ultra & Supreme Edition owners will be able to get their hands on the new character July 22nd. but everyone else will have to wait a week.

In other news, Killer Instinct seasons 1-3 will be getting a retail release in August. At that point, everything in the game up to this point will be available in box for one low, low price.

Let’s just hope they aren’t planning to split the box in two. Or maybe they should. That seems like it would make for a pretty interesting collector’s item. You know what, I’ve changed my mind. Let’s hope they do in fact split the box in two.

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