WoW: Legion’s Prepatch Arrives Next Week

World of Warcraft sixth expansion, Legion, doesn’t arrive till August 30th, but the festivities start just next week, because that’s when patch 7.0, the Legion prepatch, will be hitting servers.

Much of what’ll be included in Legion will be part of the prepatch. But you’ll have to wait until the expansion drops for some of the key features, such as the new continent, Broken Isles, the ability to level from 100 to 110, artifact weapons, and Demon Hunters. The new class, however, will be available early to those who prepurchased the expansion so that they can get to 100 before worrying about getting to 110.

Other than that, patch 7.0 will include all the class changes, the new transmogrification system, and the start of in-game events that mark the return of the Burning Legion. These invasions won’t start immediately, but in the weeks following the patch. At that point, green fire will rain from the skies and demons will sprout forth like sunflowers. These invasions will reward players will new transmogrification items, loot, and an event-only Felbat pup.

The biggest thing, however, that the prepatch will be bringing to World of Warcraft is an end to the ridiculously long content drought that players have been enduring since Hellfire Citadel released over a year ago. Warlords of Draenor was originally intended to be the start of a much faster expansion release cycle by Blizzard. Naturally this never came to pass; Blizzard has never been able to do anything in a timely fashion. They’ve said they’ve learned from their mistakes with Legion, but we’ll have to wait and see on that one.

The Legion prepatch arrives on July 19th, followed by Legion on August 30th. Then the seventh expansion should roll out sometime in 2019. See you there!

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