Explore No Man’s Sky in the Latest Trailer

Explore No Man’s Sky in the Latest Trailer

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Hello Games unleashed the first of four new No Man’s Sky trailers. The others will presumably follow suit in the weeks leading up to the game’s August 9th release date. This first one offers a glimpse of No Man’s Sky’s exploration, and the later ones will focus on the game’s fighting, trading, and survival.

Explore features glimpses of the game’s many worlds with 65daysofstatic’s soundtrack jamming in the background. If you look closely enough, you can see lots of interesting plant and animal life, and the trailer gives you a good sense of the scale of some the worlds, and the variety.

As for this variety being limitless, though, I’m skeptical. 18 quintillion worlds is a lot, and I’m sure we, as a people, will only ever see a fraction of them. That in and of itself is impressive. There are worlds in No Man’s Sky that no one will ever encounter or step a virtual foot on. But will they want to? I have the feeling that there are only so many puzzle pieces that will make up the worlds in the game. After a certain point, you’ll have seen them all in one way or another. After that, every new world you encounter will simply be a collection of the puzzle pieces of other worlds you’ve encountered and – in a sense – nothing entirely new will be discovered.

I think the ultimate sense of the game’s longevity and value is when that threshold happens, when No Man’s Sky stops offering anything new. Be it at 20 hours or 200 hours into the game. Of course this is all conjecture on my part. Maybe the game’s procedural technology is so innovative that it can create any possible world from scratch. Well, except for gas giants; No Man’s Sky won’t have any gas giants.

We don’t have too much longer to wait to delve into No Man’s Sky’s virtual universe, and in the interim we have at least three more trailers to tide us over.





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