Golf With Your Friends, Rocket League, Nidhogg, and Others Featured in This Week’s Humble Bundle Revelmode

Golf With Your Friends, Rocket League, Nidhogg, and Others Featured in This Week’s Humble Bundle Revelmode

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This week’s Humble Bundle doesn’t bother putting its identifier in the middle; it sticks it right on the end. The Humble Bundle Revelmode features an assortment of multiplayer and co-op indie games, perfect for streaming on Twitch.

Revelmode is PewDiePie’s coterie of Youtube content creators, and here they are to recommend (for money) a bunch of indie games featuring everything from sword fighting to rocket cars.

Pay whatever you want ($1 if you want Steam Keys) for Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball, Nidhogg, and Choice Chamber. I’ve had my finger on the trigger of buying Nidhogg and Disco Dodgeball a few times, most recently during the Steam sale, but I’ve hesitated. Now I don’t see why not. I’ll just have to goad a few friends into doing the same, which shouldn’t be too hard as I rule with an iron fist.

Choice Chamber was new to me, and seems to integrate into Twitch chat so that your viewers can play along. As someone who doesn’t stream, and doesn’t really have much interest in doing so, this would probably sit untouched in my Steam library, like hundreds of other games, but such is life.

After that, beat the current average of $6.51 for Golf With Your Friends, Skullgirls, Spelunky, and Roguelands. While the games of the base tier at least requires some amount of friends to play successfully, this one isn’t so bad. Spelunky is great solo, and great in general. Skullgirls isn’t so bad, either (since it’s a fighting game), but even that’s probably better if you’re beating (and being beaten by) your friends.

Golf With Your Friends, which I picked up during the Steam Summer Sale and greatly recommend assuming you can muster up a few other people to play with. Chances are everyone will love it and for the next couple weeks it’ll be a Golf With Your Friends Bonanza.

I haven’t touched Roguelands, but it’s a rogue-like RPG that’s intended for multiplayer, but can be plenty of fun solo if you’re so inclined. It doesn’t stick out as much as those games, but that’s probably because I’ve played and enjoyed them thoroughly. They’re easily worth the ticket price, and Roguelands just seems like icing on the cake.

Then for a flat $15, you get everything in the Humble Bundle Revelmode, including Rocket League. That game probably needs to introduction. It came out a year ago, and has been making waves ever since. Soccer, with rocket cars. That’s about all that needs to be said. It’s got an enormous skill ceiling, and by this point there are people so good at the game that it’ll make you pucker up.

You’ve got plenty of time to decide just how badly you want to be owned by people in Rocket League, too. The Humble Bundle Revelmode runs until July 26th.


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