Overwatch: Sombra Revealed

Hinted at and teased for close to two months now, Sombra has finally come into the light. As it turns out, the hero isn’t even being called Sombra. She’s going by her real name: Ana, the sixty-year-old mother of Pharah.

As suspected, Ana is Overwatch’s 5th support, and a sniper. That we knew for a while. What we didn’t know was what else her kit entailed. Not only can Ana heal allies (for 75 health per shot), but she can also damage enemies in the form of a dot that does 80 damage overall, and with her rate of fire, she can keep most targets up fairly easily, assuming, of course, that the person playing Ana can aim. A missed shot does no healing.

Augmenting her healing potential is a biotic grenade that functions much the same way her sniper shots do. Toss it into a skirmish and it’ll heal allies for 100 health and then boost any other healing they receive for a few seconds. The grenade will also deal 60 damage to enemies and block any healing for a few seconds. Ana has some pretty impressive support capabilities and she can also be a nuisance to the enemy team. Just imagine tossing one of those grenades into a Zarya ult, countering any possible healing. Lucio’s Sound Barrier would still reign supreme.

Another of Ana’s abilities is to whip out a pistol and fire a tranquilizing round at a target, putting them to sleep for a few seconds. Any damage will break the effect, but it has some pretty great possibilities for ultimate countering. Smack a McCree with it as he’s lining up a Deadeye, or snipe a Pharah out of the air as she’s raining justice from above, teaching your daughter some manners in the process.

Ana’s ultimate, Nano-Boost, buffs a character’s damage, speed, and reduces the damage they take. Toss that on a Reinhardt who’s going ham, or a Genji who’s just unsheathed his Dragonblade. Just think of all the other possibilities.

Ana’s available on the PTR now, so all these numbers are subject to change once she goes live, but it’s a good opportunity to test her out (and take a gander all her skins). Blizzard also released a pair of videos to coincide with the reveal, a gameplay video, and an origin story. Hype mode has arrived full force. Still no word on a release date, but she’ll probably be out by the end of the month, I’d imagine.





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