Overwatch: Take a Gander at Sombra’s Sniper Rifle

Overwatch: Take a Gander at Sombra’s Sniper Rifle

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Blizzard recently tweeted out an interesting image of a sniper rifle intended for healing and support. Will we soon be welcoming Sombra to Overwatch?

It seems confirmed at this point that Sombra will in fact be the next hero, and if the way in which Blizzard teases Overwatch heroes is similar to how they tease Heroes of the Storm heroes, then we may actually see her in game sooner rather than later.

But how might a “healing” sniper rifle play out in game? I’m not sure I’d like it if Sombra has to directly hit a target with the weapon in order to heal them. That seems like it adds an undue level of randomness and skill to supporting, and the way in which the language in the Twitter image is phrased, it definitely seems like Sombra is a healer, and not simply a support. So she’ll be healing targets somehow.

The messages in the Twitter image from Mercy and Tor’Bjorn also imply that perhaps the sniper rifle has an application aside from healing friendly characters. There’s plenty of room left in the game’s repertoire for debuffs. Zenyatta can already increase the amount of damage a character can take. Widowmaker has a meager ability that poisons targets. So perhaps Sombra will have something unique. Reducing the maximum health of a target, or maybe reducing healing effectiveness both come to mind, but we’ll have to wait until Blizzard officially reveals the character to know for sure.

Also interesting is that the Brazilian Overwatch Twitter posted the image as well but with a slight difference. Listed along with the other names is A. Amari, or Pharah’s mother.

It’s been long speculated that Sombra is in actuality Pharah’s mother incognito. Who knows if this is actually the case, but I the decision to include A. Amani in the image was done so deliberately, either to misdirect players or to simply subtly confirm s peculations.

Regardless, whoever Sombra is underneath the hood, and what she’s capable of doing on the battle, will probably be revealed in little bits over the next few weeks.


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