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Humble Monthly: The Black Ops 3 Starter Pack is Next Month’s Early Unlock

Next month’s Humble Monthly features a game that I know everyone has been dying to get their hands on for the past nine months. That’s right, subscribe now for a copy of the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Multiplayer Starter Pack.

Sure, it’s not the first AAA game to be featured in Humble Monthly, and certainly not the first one to be the early unlock, either, and if multiplayer Call of Duty interests you in the least, it’s certainly not a bad proposition. The Starter Pack basically gives you everything you’d want, and for what it’s worth, Black Ops 3 is easily one of the better entries to the series in recent years.

There’s the multiplayer (of course), and almost all that it entails. The Starter Pack is obviously missing Campaign and Zombies, as well as the ability to prestige and custom matches. You will, however, be missing out on mod tools when those roll around, but there’s always the choice to upgrade to the full version, either now or later. As it’s currently discounted thanks to the Steam summer sale, that might not be a bad idea.

General reception of the bundle the last few hours, though, has been less than welcoming. Many are saying this ends their subscription, and they’ll pick it back up the next time there’s an alluring early unlock. Of course every month there are also plenty of people who wish they’d subscribed the month prior, but that’s mystery bundles for you. A lot of people put a lot of weight into their $12 subscription, even if it continues to be great value overall.

Take the July Bundle, for instance. I was on the verge of canceling because I had no interest in Hurtworld, but I would’ve missed out on Kentucky Route Zero, which I’ve almost pulled the trigger on buying multiple times the past couple years, but it’s not technically. Then there’s Satellite Reign, a game I didn’t even know I wanted, but now that I have it I’m pretty gung ho to check it out. The Humble O1riginal, Copoka, I couldn’t have even known existed, but that looks pretty intriguing, too.

As for next month, $12 for the Starter Pack alone isn’t a horrible deal, and that’s not even considering what other treasures might be hidden away in the bundle. Sure, Call of Duty might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but you’re not likely to enjoy every single game in every bundle anyway.

Unless you’re me. I’m weird, though.

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