The July Humble Monthly Bundle, Featuring Hurtworld, Arrives Friday

Friday marks the arrival of the latest Humble Monthly bundle. Meaning you have just over a day left to subscribe in order to get yourself a copy of… Hurtworld – as well as whatever else happens to be inside the mystery box.

Unlike the past couple months, Humble Bundle hasn’t hinted or teased the original game, or anything else aside from the early unlock. In terms of months past, Hurtworld might be the least interesting game.

If anything, I hope that Hurtworld indicates that the other games inside the bundle are especially good, and not that the July Bundle marks the first disappointment. Last month we had Rocket League, and the month before that it was Mad Max. Hurtworld, however, is yet another early access survival game.

I guess we have ourselves to blame. At some point we showed developers that we really wanted survival games, even if the majority of them release in early access and have yet to leave it.

This isn’t the first monthly bundle to feature an early access survival game. Last month had The Forest, but not as the early unlock. I quite like the forest, though, and at least it takes the focus away from the PvP found in many other survival games and opts instead for a single player (or co-op) survival-horror experience. That and its updates have remained regular since it first released in 2014. It’s come a decent way in those two years, but it’s got further yet to go, but that statement goes for virtually all survival games.

Then of course March featured the early unlock of Ark: Survival Evolved, which gave survival fans the one thing they always wanted: dinosaurs. That very same month also saw GRAV featured in the bundle, and like a lot of early access games, GRAV has had public perception of it gradually decline the longer it’s remained stuck in early access.

I suppose even without knowing what’s in most bundles, you can safely assume that survival games will be a common occurrence. Who knows, maybe there’s another one hidden away in the July Bundle. They’re prime bundle bait, after all. Much like MOBAs, for the most part, there’s little to set each one apart from each other. They’re all variants of the same formula that DayZ popularized.

And run all you might, you’re probably not going to escape them. Oh well. They’re not inherently bad, and truthfully I’ve had a lot of fun with most of them, and who knows, maybe one day one of them will actually come out and we can rejoice and rejoice and never play it because in this far-flung future we’ll all be dead and apes will rule the planet.

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