Hearthstone: This Week’s Tavern Brawl is Especially Shifty

It’s another week and another Tavern Brawl. Unlike last week, this one doesn’t actually require any forethought into the deck you build, because you don’t. Pick a class and go. Many people prefer Tavern Brawls such as these in order to take some of the pressure (and cost) off of creating a deck, and as a way to knock out a bunch of quests in one quick go, assuming you can convince lady luck to grace you with her presence.

This brawl, ShiftCon, is simple enough. Pick a class, get a few corresponding spells, and the rest of the deck is populated by none other than Whisper of the Old God’s 1-mana 1/1 legendary, Shifter Zerus. He shifts into a random card each turn he’s in your hand. To increase the pace of this week’s brawl, Blizzard also made it so that you start on turn 3, and not 1. That way both players don’t sit there passing until Shifter Zerus shifts into something useful.


Much like brawls centered on the much-loved Unstable Portal or those quirky Webspinners, ShiftCon is almost entirely luck based. You’ll either get the good cards and win, or you’ll get shafted and lose, and much like those other brawls, what happens in the first few turns doesn’t necessarily dictate who’s going to win. You never know when Shifter Zerus will give you a Deathwing on turn 10, or when you’ll topdeck the Warlock card DOOM!

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That doesn’t mean you have to stick around for any game you’re not enjoying, though. You don’t technically lose anything for conceding early, but since quick wins are most likely to be rare, it can pay off to stick around. You never know. Shifter Zerus is a fickle friend, and so are the spells that you’re granted. I played my first few matches as Warlock, and it’s not uncommon to draw a Renounce Darkness, which can make all those spells in your deck better than your opponents spells by 1-mana.

It’s also worth noting that since Shifter Zerus only shifts at the beginning of your turn, any you draw, either naturally, or from other cards or from a Warlock hero power, won’t shift. They’ll simply be 1-mana 1/1s, which might not be the card you need, or the card you deserve, but it’s a card that may have its place in a turn, especially if you’re trying to set up a quality trade. Generally against any class that can ping a Zerus in his natural form, it’s probably better to keep it in your hand until he shifts into something useful.

With the natural randomness of this brawl, a meta isn’t exactly going to form around it, much like all the other random Tavern Brawls that exist, but at the very least, you now have a great way to knock out those daily quests without having to worry about diving into constructed with a bargain bin deck.

That in and of itself is valuable.

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