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Overwatch: Competitive Play Coming Today to PC, Next Week to Consoles

Blizzard have been saying since the start of time (give or take) that Overwatch would be receiving Competitive Play by the end of June. As you may or may not be aware, June only has three days left in it. When the end of Monday came, and there was no word of maintenance or a patch, I started to think maybe the patch wasn’t going to come as scheduled.

That’s evidently not the case. According to Blizzard, Competitive Play is still on the menu for today, even as today rounds to a close. There’s a caveat, though; Console players of Overwatch aren’t going to be seeing Competitive Play until July, or more precisely, next week. It’s already been sent in for approval, so it doesn’t seem likely that it’ll be delayed any more than that.

In the future, Blizzard plans to refine their patching process so that updates come to PC and consoles in concert. On the plus side, they’re not delaying the PC patch just so that everyone gets it at the same time.

Blizzard also announced that this first, summer season of Competitive Play would be shortened, since technically summer began June 1st. Instead of going against the laws of man and how we define seasons, Blizzard is just letting this one last for 1.5 months instead of 2.5. Expect the summer season of Competitive play to draw to a close on August 18th. The fall season will arrive two weeks later.

They decided to have this shorter season for two reasons: Blizzard is using it as a testing bed for the game mode, so expect them to iterate on the system for the next season and likely every season after that. The developer also wants to make sure nobody misses out on the sweet, sweet rewards that competitive has to offer.

Still no word on when exactly today Competitive Play is coming to Overwatch. At the time of writing this, there’s only about six hours left in the day. There’s always the chance, though, that today in this case refers to early tomorrow. Either way, Competitive Play, it’s a comin’, and it’s a comin’ soon.

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