Hot Diggity: Doom is on Sale at 40% Off

Doom’s been out for over a month now, and by all accounts, errybody be lovin’ it. Critics think it’s a damn good shooter, and so do players. Even yours truly truly loved it. And now, the yearly Steam Summer Sale brings with it a hot discount on Doom: 40% off.

I’ve no idea if this is because the game didn’t perform as well as Bethesda were hoping, so they’re trying to sell a few extra copies. I always find it odd that box office performance is a integral part of the movie industry, one that’s visible to everyone, but no game developer shows their numbers unless their numbers are doing well. For years, Blizzard bragged about World of Warcraft’s massive amount of subscribes, but as they – understandably – dwindled through the years, Blizzard stopped announcing them all together. Of course when Legion drops and sells a few million copies, I’m sure Blizzard will chime in, but I don’t suspect we’ll know (from the horse’s mouth) how much those numbers translate to continued subscribers.

A few times, a publisher will admit when something under-performs, but that’s not guaranteed, and a lot of the times, even when they brag about numbers, it can be hard to separate units moved from units sold, and most of the time digital sales (which are becoming bigger by the year) are often left out all together.

But back to Doom – Doom is awesome, and it’s well worth it at 40% off.


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