Better than Nothing

Sonic, the Hedgehog with the ‘Tude, Pokes Fun at Mighty No. 9

Well, Mighty No. 9 is now out. At best, it’s a bland Mega Man clone, and at worst, it’s a bland Mega Man clone. Seems as though everyone is taking the opportunity to take shots at the game. Even Sonic has rolled up his sleeves and tossed a punch, claiming that Mighty No. 9 is “better than nothing.”

“It’s better than nothing,” which – if anything – is more than you can say about the last couple Sonic outings. I wonder if Sonic actually played Sonic Boom, or if he’s just laughing all the way to the bank.

Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind rivalries, especially between fictional characters. I’d like to see Mighty No. 9 respond to this, in character, but that’s a long shot. Perhaps the only result of this tweet will be the flood of “glass house” memes, such as this one from Polygon’s managing editor:

I actually appreciate that Sonic is standing by what he said. A lesser person might’ve taken down the tweet and issued some sort of apology, but nope, that’s not Sonic’s way. He’s the hedgehog with the attitude.

What’s even more hilarious, perhaps, is that evidently “it’s better than nothing” is something Keiji Inafune said during a livestream, or at least something that his translator claimed he said. It might’ve been a slight translation – who knows – or maybe it was Inafune bearing his heart.

Sonic tweeted not long after the stream, since I heard “it’s better than nothing,” from him far before anyone else. Perhaps Sonic was sitting there, in a bathrobe, watching the stream and taking notes on how to improve his own virtual outings, when he heard the fateful line. Then the hedgehog whipped out his smartphone and composed the now-famous tweet.

I suppose I shouldn’t be keeping my fingers crossed for a Mighty No. 9 & Sonic cross-over.

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