Battlefield 1 Shakes it Up With Operations, and it Sounds Like a Rush

DICE announced today that a new game mode would be coming to Battlefield 1: Operations.

The new mode will have defenders fending off attackers across multiple maps to create an experience that will supposedly last over an hour. The game mode, at its core, seems to build on the concepts introduced in Battlefield’s Rush mode. The attackers’ goal is to capture points, and once that’s done, the area of operations moves up, the defending team falls back, and the attacking team advances. Only now the battle continues from one map to another. The maps, or series of maps as it were, will be based upon actual battles that happened during World War 1, with or without the French’s presence.

If it works as it has in the past, defending successfully at the first objective will win you the match, and you’ll miss out on fighting in different areas and on different maps. If this become a regular occurrence, then there are Operation maps we may have only heard exist in muffled rumors, never to be seen by living eyes. Of course DICE may choose to start the Operation on random maps, but if these are trying to be at least a little historically accurate, that wouldn’t make much sense at all. But the more I see of Battlefield 1 the less historically accurate it seems in the grand scheme of things. A fun video game, sure, but not an accurate representations of WW1 . Not that anyone was expecting a simulator, so I don’t think there are many bothered by this fact.

Similar modes have shown up in other games, notably Team Fortress 2 and Red Orchestra 2, but it’ll feel right at home in Battlefield 1, I wager.

Sure, Conquest has always been the bread and butter of Battlefield, and that is surely not going to change anytime soon, but this will add yet another option when choosing which server to join. I’ve always liked to toy around with other game modes in Battlefield, but I always fall back on to Conquest.

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