Sony PS VR Aim Gun – What is It

Sony PS VR Aim Gun – What is It

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What is that? That’s the Sony PS VR Aim (bit of a mouthful) that can be used in conjunction with the Sony PlayStation VR virtual reality headset, which has a release date of 13 October and price of £350. To help with making the gamer feel more immersed in their environment Sony is releasing the PS VR Aim controller. It will never beat the NES gun. I’m sorry, even as a Master System (SEGA) child, Duck Hunt ruled. I digress.

The PS VR Aim utilises motion sensors to determine where you move the gun, independently of the rest of your body. No look shots? Sounds good to us! This is known as direct 1:1 tracking — wherever you point the controller, your in-game gun points the same way. The Aim controller also features a trigger for firing, stick and d-pad for movement and another front trigger. It also features a weird pink ball on the end. Similar to those odd balls on other Move controllers.

Developer Impulse Gear has developed the first-person shooter, Farpoint, to work with the Aim controller. The game is set on an alien world where your character has crash-landed and needs to keep moving and exploring to survive.


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