Battlefield 1 Multiplayer – 64 Player War

Battlefield 1 Multiplayer – 64 Player War

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Battlefield 1 – A whole hour  of 64-player multiplayer footage

After the EA E3 press conference last night, EA stood up a Battlefield 1 32 v 32 player battle that lasted an hour. The graphics looked awesome and it gave us a good first look at the Battlefield 1 World War 1 vehicles, player weapons and mounted weapons. You notice in the air battles some dodgy physic where hitting into the church steeple didn’t down a plane and when it crashed there is no explosion. That said, I saw a tank literally get obliterated as did the ground!

Also keep an eye for the zepplin! The large airship. Jump to around the 20 minute mark for the start of the warfare. Keep an eye out for other cool things like the high vault (pulling yourself up and over barriers/walls), dynamic weather (fog and rain covered weapons), target damage on tanks so if you want to blow the tracks off….go for it or ram that bayonet into the back of an opponent. Battlefield 1 looks goooood.



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