Arkane is Rebooting Prey

It appears that the rumors were true: in the wake of Prey 2’s destruction, Arkane picked up the series and is making a completely new game.

Prey 2 is long gone, and in fact, the new game from Arkane seems entirely different from what that one might’ve been. Not that I’m too saddened by that fact. Dishonored was one of the best games of 2012, and Dishonored 2 is near the top on my most-wanted list, so I’ll take anything Arkane does and gobble it up.

When Prey 2 finally died, it was rumored that Bethesda offered to let Arkane’s Austin studio pick up where Human Head left off, but Arkane only agreed if they were allowed to toss out the original game nd build something new from the ground up, and so comes this Prey reboot.

So far all we’ve seen is the CGI trailer, but don’t be surprised if this Prey looks entirely different, artistically and graphically, from the gameplay demos of the one all those years ago.

What we do know about the new Prey is that it takes place during 2032, aboard a Space station. People on the space station have been tampering with human evolution, and then aliens get in the way.

It’s cool that it exists, in any way shape or form, but don’t expect to see it in action until next year.



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  1. This damn game is not and never will be Prey! Human Head’s Prey 2 was far better than this stupid reboot.