Savage Resurrection: Three Weeks In

Yesterday, Savage Resurrection unleashed its largest patch since going into early access, and today, S2 Games gave everyone a rundown on the first three weeks of the game.

I still haven’t played a whole lot of Savage Resurrections since my initial impressions a couple weeks ago, just a few matches here or there, but I’ve been keeping a pretty close eye on the game and checking in to see what S2 have done to it.  While yesterday did see the largest patch to the game, it hasn’t been the only patch. The game’s been seeing constant updates, and since the big patch there have been no signs of slowing. Today alone there have been two smaller ones. So far it’s been a pretty great example of an Early Access game done right, and it’s given me something to do when I’m feeling like taking a break from my obsessive Overwatch binges.

One of the biggest additions is bots. They were already in the game, for specific practice bot matches, but now they automatically populate official casual games to fill the slots of missing players until people join. Bots are still a work in progress, and still require a fair bit of tweaking, but it’s a start. There current ones are tuned to be quite easy, but expect harder bots to become available soon. Along with that, there are now AI commanders which help to fill in when there isn’t a player commanding. Both player and commander bots are intended to help keep the game lively no matter which skill level you’re playing at, or how many other people are playing.

Other than that, the big patch, as well as all the little patching preceding it had helped to improve Savage Resurrection’s framerate and performance, ironing out some of the more common bumps in the FPS ride. The netcode also saw some improvements, mostly to address the responsiveness of melee combat, and netcode will be one of the main focuses of the game in the coming weeks to further improve melee and other areas.

Healers were also reworked to be much better, in orders of magnitude. They’re significantly cheaper now, are available much earlier, and healing is much more powerful. S2 wanted to make it so that healers might very well be overpowered, but it’s easier to put them in a strong position and scale them back later, instead of only inching them forward from the mostly useless state they were previously in.

Balance in general has also seen a fair bit of tweaking, with many of the weapons moving in one way or another.

Work doesn’t stop here, though. Far from it. In the coming weeks expect even more improvements to Savage Resurrection:

  • Improving our new AIs
  • Finishing up a new map
  • Fixing those bugs
  • Monitoring the effect of the latest balance changes, preparing new ones
  • Working on netcode (to improve melee feel)
  • Working on performance (to continue improving framerate)


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