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Clicker Heroes Patch 1.0 is Now Out

Today marked the largest update to Clicker Heroes since its conception. Patch 1.0 brings a whole new level of endless clicking.

With patch 1.0 comes transcendence, an ascension on top of ascension. You basically forfeit everything you’ve attained for a new type of currency, Ancient Souls. These can be spent on upgrading the Outsiders for some pretty significant boons that will make getting to where you were before you ascended much faster and allow you to more quickly progress past that. Not only that, but the update also rebalances much of the game in effort to avoid the repetition that was required in the previous iteration and focus more on getting to the next boss rather than doing thirty minute ascension runs in order to farm hero souls. Update 1.0 is also meant to give players the chance to experience the feeling of a fresh run, as it was when they clicked for the very first time. (Even if those players saved up rubies to buy a Quick Ascension prior to transcending to help ease the transition.)

The update has already met with a fair amount of criticism from some people who don’t like the fact that transcending undoes the hundreds (if not thousands) of hours they’ve already sunk into Clicker Heroes. It’s hard to tell exactly how many hours it’ll take someone who’d already sunk 1000 into the game to the point they were prior to transcending, but I can safely say it’s far fewer than another 1000. I think people just need to stop with their knee jerk reactions and give themselves a chance to acclimate to the update.

If all else, maybe the update will prompt some people to finally hang up their mouse. Idle games, in general, aren’t for everyone, but I’ve been getting a weird sense of satisfaction from watching numbers grow exponentially higher since Progress Quest, way back in the day. That “game” was mostly meant as a parody of MMOs, but there was something to it, and that much is evidenced by the rise of Cookie Clicker, Clicker Heroes, and AdVenture Capitalist. Not to mention the countless other idle and low effort games.

I’d already sunk more hours than I care to admit (or kept track of) into Clicker Heroes, but thanks to this update (I’m not sure if I mean that sarcastically), I’m on the cusp of spending more countless hours leaving the game idle in the background while I busy myself with more important tasks.

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