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Rise of Iron Coming to Destiny in September

Rise of Iron, Destiny’s next expansion, and likely its last one before Destiny 2, arrives in September.

Much like every other game this past week, Rise of Iron had its fair share of leaks, from pictures to ads. But now it’s official. It’s probably intentional, but I get a very real Game of Thrones vibe from the start of the trailer. We’ve got the snow, and an ominous wall. Of course this new location is called the Plaguelands, and now Winterfell, but still.

As all good expansions are known to do, Rise of Iron will add all sorts of new stuff to the game. You know all those things that are already in the game? Yeah, it’s adding more of those, including a new story campaign and raid.

If the word around the internet is true, then Rise of Iron might not have always been planned, but when Destiny 2 was pushed back (into next year, presumably) then the Destiny team had to do something to keep people invested in the property. Or else it would go the way of the Dodo.

Furthermore, anyone who preorders the new expansion will get a black-skinned Iron Gjallarhorn, but if what people say on the internet is true – and why wouldn’t it be – anyone who gets the expansion gets a regular Iron Gjallarhorn. Preorders just get a black one!

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