Staff Picks Return to This Week’s Humble Bundle

Staff Picks Return to This Week’s Humble Bundle

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Another week, another Humble Bundle. Much like the one a couple months ago, this one features a slew of staff picks. This time around, the gargoyle named Glen takes a seat and up stands a pig named Hamble to pick his favorite games.

There are seven in total spread across three tiers with a few hidden games coming next week. There’s also a special forth tier that will get you a spiffy pig plush, but that’ll cost you a cool $40.

Significantly less than $40, though, is the pay-what-you-want tier. That’ll get you:

1001 Spikes is a difficult 2D platformer. There are spikes. You have to jump over them, or you die. It’s as retro as retro comes, and it controls really well. I didn’t have the strength of character to beat it, but maybe you will?

Absolute Drift is a minimalistic 3D racing game centered around, you guessed it, drifting. The prevailing criticism is that the game doesn’t seem to play well with all the controllers out there. Other than that, if you like drifting in other racers, then Absolute Drift is probably right up your alley.

Finally we have Snakebird, a difficult puzzle game descended from a long line of Snake games. You have to eat fruit, grow larger, and get to the end before you’re out of turns. It’s trickier than it sounds. A lot trickier.

That’s it for the bottom tier. For beating the current average of $5.69, two more games join the bundle, as well as next week’s hidden games.

Hand of Fate is a single player card game, mixed with an RPG, and has a fair bit of rogue-like elements sprinkled on top. It’s an interesting mash-up that works interestingly well. You start with a deck, and that deck determines all aspects of the dungeon, from the loot you find, to the monsters, to the random encounters.

Another interesting mash-up, Deathtrap, mixes Tower Defense with Action RPG. Much like Dungeon Defenders, you control a hero, set up traps, and then kill lots and lots of enemies.

Then for $10, another two games join the bundle:

Viscera Cleanup Detail +House of Horrors DLC. Ever wonder who cleans up that space station after that alien incursion that kills 100% of the crew and leaves the walls dripping with entrails? You do. You clean it up. So grab your mop and bucket and get scrubbing. It might seem like a silly concept for a game, and it probably is, but it’s also strangely satisfying.

Craft the World is sandbox strategy game. You start off with just a small band of dwarves, and from that you build an empire. Even the developers go as far as to reference Terraria, Dwarf Fortress, and Dungeon Keeper. Craft the World wears its influences on its sleeve, and it wears them well.

Then finally, for a full $40, you get all the games, and a plush of Hamble.

Even not knowing the what the hidden games might end up being, the Humble Staff Picks Bundle has some choice cuts in it, and there’s a pig named Hamble to thank.


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