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What Say the Critics About Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, the sequel/reboot/reimagining eight years in the making arrives in four short days, and the reviews have started to roll out. So how are they? Fair. We’ll go with fair. For as much as the game seems to do right – notably the free-running – it also falters in a few key areas.

Metacritic currently has the game sitting at a 72, and OpenCritic rates it a 73. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst nails about the only thing it absolutely had to: the free-running, but it seems to falter in most other areas. The story is mediocre, it’s over-wrought with open world repetition, and the melee combat is boring and unnecessary.

Though the first Mirror’s Edge didn’t excel in the story area, either, Catalyst seems to put more emphasis on its narrative. There seem to be a few critics who were perfectly fine with the story, though, so mileage may vary.

The Examiner gave the game 5 stars and said: “It’s a story that is touching, powerful and will have you invested in its characters. Mirror’s Edge is back and it is here to stay.”

Fortunately the one thing it gets right – the free-running – is enough to carry the game, and though boring, the melee combat is also almost entirely avoidable. You can just continue running right past the vast majority of enemies, but I suppose being present – if optional – is enough reason to criticism something.


There’s plenty of praise, too, though.

Gamespot gave it a 7/10 and said: “Catalyst’s combat stumbles, but the fluid free-running and enticing open-world challenges overshadow most of its shortcomings.”

PC Gamer landed on a 78/100: Catalyst is as close to a definitive version of a Mirror’s Edge game as we’re likely to get, despite retaining some of the first game’s issues.

Seems as though while Mirror’s Edge isn’t back with a vengeance, it is back. Questionable combat, story, and open world trappings aside, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst nails about the only thing it absolutely had to: the free-running.

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