Jay Wilson is Exiting Blizzard

After nearly 10 years at the company, former Diablo 3 lead designer, Jay Wilson, is leaving Blizzard.

Jay Wilson became infamous a few years back when Diablo 3 met with quite the poor reception. Being the head of the development team, almost all vitriol was directed right at him, whether he deserved it or not. For as many faults as vanilla Diablo 3 had, a lot of people seem to ignore the good . The game looked and played exceptionally well, far better than any other action RPG that ever existed. I’m sure much of that is owed directly to Jay Wilson. The skill system had its fair share of criticism, but plenty of people – myself included – liked it just fine. If you’re going to malign him for the bad parts of the game, you have to give him credit for the good parts, too. It’s only fair.

Then of course, you have the “F*** that loser,” incident, which he seems best known for now, which – if anything – shows how careful you have to be with what you say, even in a place expected to be private. And for those who might’ve forgotten, that comment was directed at David Brevik who at the time was working on Marvel Heroes. Brevik criticized Diablo 3 just after its release (and just after the game sold 12 million copies.)  I’m pretty sure many people in his position would’ve acted similarly (and much of the rest of the Diablo 3 dev team who commented on the interview didn’t have kind things to say, either).

Eventually, though, Jay Wilson did leave the Diablo 3 team, and was replaced by Josh Mosqueira. I don’t think anyone ever knew what he was working on after he left. A lot of people speculated that it was Warcraft IV, or maybe it was Diablo IV. Who knows. Well, maybe we will, come November and Blizzcon 2016. Rumors abound of a fairly big announcement there.



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