Rainbow Six Siege Gets Its Own $15 Starter Edition

Rainbow Six Siege Gets Its Own $15 Starter Edition

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A while back, Activision released a $15 starter pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’s multiplayer. Now Ubisoft is doing something similar for Rainbow Six Siege. It’s nice to see publishers testing out alternative pricing models for their games. Despite how ridiculously expensive most games are to make, not all of them are created equal, and a lot of them would do a lot better at a price point cheaper than $60.

Rainbow Six Siege’s Starter Edition is available from today until June 19th, and only on PC, with no intention of such an offer coming to consoles.

That $15 will get you all of the game’s content, aside from the operators. You’ll get two of the game’s more “intuitive” of the game’s Operators for free, and enough credit to buy two more once you’ve got a handle on the game. So that’s 4 of the game’s 20 operators for $15. The last 16? Oh, you’re gonna have to grind for those, and grind hard.

In both editions of the game, grinding is required to unlock the different playable characters in the game. So you’d be grinding one way or the other, but how much more grinding is required in the Starter Edition, though? Oh, roughly 13 hours. The Renown cost of operators in the Starter Edition is vastly increased. 12,500 compared to 2000. You can buy all of the operators with real money, or upgrade to the full version of the game to unlock them at the much quicker pace.

Aside from simply upgrading to the full version of Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft lists a few methods of grinding that Renown.

– Play the Daily and Weekly Challenges to unlock extra Renown
– Purchase Renown Boosters.
– Wait for the weekly Operators discounts (Renown and R6 Credits).
– Purchase the 35$/€ R6 Credits pack to unlock all the 16 original Operators (attacker and defender bundle).

You can still buy the season pass, and still unlock all of those Operators available through that without grinding, but if not, those require even more Renown: 25,000, but they cost that much in the standard edition, too.

Like I said, I like the idea of publishers messing around with the cost of games, and since the Starter Edition of Rainbow Six Siege does in fact grant you access to everything in the game except the full roster of Operators, then that’s a pretty good trade off, even if the grind of additional Operators rivals that of Free to Play games.


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