Auralux: Constellations Out Now on Steam

The sequel to the indie strategy game, Auralux, is now live on Steam. Much like its predecessor, Auralux: Constellations boils the traditional RTS formula down to its core to create a simple yet addicting strategy game.

In Auralux, you start with a single planet, and that planet spawns ships. You send out these ships to other planets to, in essence, colonize them, and from there you take over the solar system by wiping away all other signs of intelligent life.

Constellations brings in some new features, like online (and local) multiplayer, as well as adds some musical elements. The soundtrack is procedurally generated, and units are created on each beat. When units clash, musical notes chime in unison, creating quite the soundscape.

The biggest feature added to Constellations is its namesake: constellations. There’s are level groups (like worlds in Super Mario brothers). Each one adds a new twist to the formula. One constellation adds worms that teleport units across the map. Another might add nebulae that alter the speed of any unit caught inside. Fog-of-war comes into play at some point, just like any good RTS. There are also supernovae, white holes, and other constellations for you to discover when you play the game.

Auralux: Constellations is now live on Steam for the balmy price of 9.99, but is 20% off until next Wednesday.

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