Starbreeze Buys Back Payday IP From Their Publisher

Starbreeze, parent company of Overkill, the makers of the popular multiplayer rob-a-bank simulator, Payday, announced today that they now wholly own the rights to the Payday franchise. Oh, and there will be a Payday 3, eventually.

A while back, Payday 2 received a bit of flak for implementing microtransactions that, at best, cost money, and at worst, made the game pay-to-win because said microtransactions included better gear.

Well prepare for that to be a mere thing of the past. Starbreeze bought out all stake their former publisher, 505 Games, had in the developer, amounting to a whopping 30 million.

505 will still publish the console version of the game, and will still get a cut of the revenue from that platform, but Starbreeze will now retain every little bit it makes from Payday sales via Steam.

While 505 won’t have any say in Payday 3, they will receive a portion of the revenue:

Furthermore, 505 Games will retain a 33% revenue share of Starbreeze’s net revenues from future sales of PAYDAY 3 capped at 40 MUSD, and after Starbreeze has fully recouped its development and marketing costs.

A video released today dishes out the deets on the changes on the microtransaction system, as well as the future of Payday 2.

The cliffnotes version is that Payday 2 is going to receive continued support until the end of 2017, at least, but Almir Listo entertains the possibility of even more support past that. You know, if Payday 3 isn’t done yet. The loot system will remain in the game. Safes will still drop, and still have loot in them, and will still be tradeable on the Steam marketplace and between friends. Only these safes will now be free to open.

Overkill, and in turn Starbreeze, is trying hard to win back any goodwill lost with the decision to to implement the safe system. So it’s good they’re trying to steer away from it. The only real question is whether or not it was 505’s idea to have these microtransactions in the first place, or if Overkill is just framing everything to appear that way to save face, and how this all will affect Payday 3 when it’s eventually released.

But that’s a quandary for future me.


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