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What Say the Critics About Witcher 3: Blood and Wine

Well, Geralt’s final adventure is upon us, one year after Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s original release. CD Projekt Red have rarely failed to deliver, and it seems like Blood and Wine has continued that trend.

Both Metacritic and OpenCritic have the expansion pack sitting at a 91. As expected, it appears to be just the last hurrah that Geralt deserves. It’s beautiful and has a breath of content rivaling most games.

Blood & Wine also seems to be the best that Wild Hunt has to offer, according to Destructoid’s Chris Carter, who game the game a 9:

However many little nagging issues I have with Wild Hunt (the combat is still a bit too simplistic), Blood and Wine is the best The Witcher has ever been since the first game. I came in merely expecting a bigger Hearts of Stone, but ended up getting something more expansive in nearly every sense of the word.

And Rock Paper Shotgun says this:

Much like Mass Effect III’s wonderful Citadel expansion, this last outing is as much a victory lap, to remind us of the good times and end in the right spirit.

There’s nary a critical voice to be found. If you’re a fan of Wild Hunt, then there’s really no reason not to play Blood and Wine.

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